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Please Read Carefully

Refund Policy

  1. All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE. (book your shuttle when your travel arrangements are set in stone).
  2. Cancelled ticket can be used up to 6 months with $20 fee per ticket.
  3. No fee to reschedule.
  4. No-Shows are considered used tickets.

Important Booking Information

  1. We need the following while filling out the on-line booking form:
    • Airline: what airline you are flying in on.
    • Flight number: the flight number from your boarding pass.
    • Flight time: We need what time your flight departs and/or arrives at the at SMF. (Not how long your flight is).
    • Phone number: Your cell phone number, not your home number. We may need to call you if we can not find you at your pickup location. If no cell number put your home number, but we are not responsible if you miss the shuttle because we can not find and contact you. We strive for on-time departures. 

Other stuff to be aware of

  1. Reservations Required. Our scheduled times are subject to change if we have no reserved passengers.
  2. Ensure you select a shuttle time that will allow at least 1 hour before your departure time and/or 1/2 hour after your arrival time.
  3. North Valley Shuttle, LLC is not responsible for delays incurred because of mechanical, weather, strikes, or any other act of God.
  4. Read our Term and Conditions



  • Check our shuttle SCHEDULES to coordinate your flight time with our Arrival/Departure time before booking your ride.
  • You can book on-line up to 2 hours before the scheduled shuttle time.
  • NEW! You can now Pay On-Line 24 hrs a day 7 days a week for faster self-service.


Two Ways to Book Your Ride

Online Reservation

Click the Book Now button below to schedule and pay on-line. You will receive your ticket via email.

Call for Reservation

Don't want to fill out a form. No Problem. Call us during business hours at 530-891-1219 and talk to a live person.